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Sorry about that, I phrased myself badly. I was referring to the perception of public space which is portrayed to the general public. In the Berlin case people like Yahn and Piano have created a generous and sucessful series of public spaces which in past times would have been in public ownership and now are owned by corporations and constantly supervised by them.
This situation stinks as these corporations have the ability to do exactly what the central bank did. More worrying than someone who has an aversion to the ‘lower classes’ these people exsist in a perpetual state of fear of urban life and the principles of urbanity itself. The only time these people encounter another demographic is when they go into ‘toun’ for the weekend to get lushed or by visiting a planned european city.
If we keep on segregating people into social ghettos in sub urban areas we can see that unenlightened people like Harry from middle class ghettos 10 miles from the city are the people who are ultimately making the decisions about the spaces we doorstep crapwashers end up living in.

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