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im sorry harry but that is a very small minded view of the situation. its not really about who owns what piece of land (although legally it obviously is) or the slight discomfort or offence of a small number of workers in that building.
This is an issue for the city and an unhealthy attitude overtly displayed by the upper classes towards the general public (reminiscent of the wide streets commission tearing down the tenements of the poor while they were away, at least they were doing it for the good of the city). its about arguably the best public space in the city being destroyed by the wishes of a few.
The fact that they have left some of it is beside the poit. they have taken the wind out of the sails of the space. they have turned waht was a recessive inviting space into an agressive space where no-one really wants to stay. thankful? next time someone punches you in the face shake their hand for not cutting your balls off.

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