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I have to say I really like this building. I like the way it towers over its environs and really does provide a focal point to that part of Temple Bar. I have to agree with Graham’s comments though – the Commercial Buildings are a sham. Maybe if the facade was recontructed it wouldn’t be so much of one but as it is, its just a fake.

Looking at the Central Bank it is obvious it landed in the street, destroying a whole terrace of what were very beautiful buildings. That’s a shame, but the building itself is a gem.

The civic space was great – the railings are a joke – so obviously a hastily throught of add-on – a case of ‘this is my space and I’m not having anyone else in so I’ll build a ridiculous wall around my area’

I thought it a very rich area in terms of diversity of social gathering. It still in inspite of the railing deliberately meant to destroy this aspect. I think it was just a case of Fat Cat bankers wanting things there way, willing to exclude all others from ‘their’ building. If they were intimidated by the people on the plaza then sure they must never walk around the city. I work in Irish Life beside the methadone clinic – now you should see the types we pass by into work!

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