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The railings destroy the architecture of the flights of steps – as to their necessity I just don’t know.

I like the Bank, but hate its location.
It is in the Roches category of landing from outer-space,only 65 million times worse.

It crashes down into the city, and to this day it still looks so obvious that a terrace of buildings were demolished to make way for it on Dame St, this gaping wound in the streetscape is the worst aspect of the building.
The original proposal to retain the facade of the Commercial Buildings and others and to have a large archway through to the plaza would have addressed this.

The pathetic ‘replica’ of the Commercial Bldgs that’s there now should never have been built, it virtually overlaps the Bank and destroys the symmetry of the public space, with a st running down the left-hand side and this lump of clinical rubbish on the other.

Some views of the roof trusses look interesting – like from the Ha’penny Bridge – but from most areas of the city it is a cluttered mess.
It is the finest building from its time in the city, just the location is ludicrous.

It would look fantastic if it was Cork County Hall, sitting in the middle of the field – its current position is utterly out of context.

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