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Rory W

A few points on the Central Bank:

1) at least it is interesting – most of the dross that passes for office architecture in this town is dull to the point of narcolepsy – see Lower Mount Street for example. I think the fact that the building is hung from the roof structure shows a trace of imagination dont you thinK?

2) the railings – I think that it is only fair to the employees that they don’t have to walk through groups of goth kids sitting on the steps or flying at them on skateboards or winos drinking, puking etc on the steps. Since these ‘members of society’ have acted in the way that they did – the railings had to go up. I wouldn’t like to have to deal with this every day on my way in and out of work, it IS intimidating – would you?

I don’t want to sound like a Stephenson apologist – but I think a lot of the criticism is misguided and over the top on this point

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