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here here, the central bank is the best building in dublin city (even if it was spawned by that philistine stephenson) it is by far the most interesting and daring building ever to be ‘allowed’ into Dublin.
The public space in front of it was the most succesful int the whole city and the steps were used by a wide range of dubliners (not just rocker kids) as a meeting point, making it a public place in the most real sense. Only what did they do to it? f**k it up by putting railings around the steps so the bankers could feel slightly less intimidated as they walked up the steps to their jobs. and dont get me started on the design of mentioned railings, as far as i remember it was sam stephensons office who was credited with the works on the site notice. could it be true? was this the final joke by sam at the expense of the city of dublin?

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