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Central Bank is one of the only decent buildings built in Dublin in the last 40 years – it is SS’s masterpiece, and a wonder of engineering in construction. It’s also perfectly fitting for those who reside in it.

If you want to see an ugly building go around the corner from Central Bank and check out Hawkins house – a cliche I know – but it is the most seriously ugly building we have.

Any news on it’s refurbishment? The plans were unveiled years ago (think either OMS or Murray OLaoire?!?) – but no movement… story?

As for CB supposed to be higher – the roof was in direct contravention of the planning permission of the time, but as the building was built from “the top down” the roof was the first thing installed and so to compromise the cladding was left off the roof – but “leaks” years later meant the roof got finished off to some degree (and quite visible it is throughout Dublin).

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