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Jings Greg……now you’ve lit the blue touch paper.

It’s my city and I love it and it has its good points and bad, like Dublin.

The high rise developements as insensitive as they are to us now were to replace the overcrowded and decaying building stock left after the war.

Kids were dying in the Gorbals where a family of ten lived in a single room or single end as we called it…… open plan high rise blocks on the outskirts of the city with access to fresh air seemd like a good idea at the time.

Unfortunately the concert hall was built before the lottery so high cost public buildings could only be obtained by giving developers prime land to build their retail schemes and in return they provided the venue as a proportion of the scheme.

So unfortunatly we have a massive retail outlet with a concert hall attached. It is also rather FASCIST because Lesley Martin died and it was left to lesser architects to complete the job.

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