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Originally posted by GregF
People hark on about Georgian vistas etc…..because they were designed with the most fundamental tenet of urban design, with symmetry and focal points in mind…..which is why Modernism failed at times too.

Good point Greg. Trinity College is a good example of this. In saying this the Long Library and the GMB are of very contrasting styles architecturally which face opposite each other, as are the Dining hall and the 1937 Reading Room which also face each other. I think that the ESB does not take away from the symmetry of Fitzwilliam Street. As pointed out by Diaspora focal points are provided by the Mountains at one end and Holles Street at the other end. It seems that once there is some sort of symmetry and focal points (in the Trinity example the whole of parliament square, the Camponale, the Rubrics) that the composition works.

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