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cavalier but not ignorant greg. my point although lost(by me mostly) was not to put up some mock georgian rubbish to hide the fact that someone built something other than houses there. urban design is also about marking “landmarks” for orientation( term being used a lot recently to it’s demise as a significant marker of urban spaces) the uniformity of an entire street needs something to standout. while the esb pays respect to the street it is something completely different and i think completely suitable. the proportions are important but a new design can give proportions as well. and glitzy maybe but it doesn’t have to be. and a spar is more practical but i don’t think the green sign and red christmas tree would do anything of note to the streetscape.
alan is right there is a lot of good architecture going up and gone up recently and to now while we are moving forward take this approach ( which may be used as a dangerous precedent) is crazy.

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