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fin, don’t be silly.

as for restoring the esb, there would be no point in recreating the facade if the esb building stood in isolation, but, it is part of a fine terrace and recreating the facade would restore the terrace. here is the analogy, there is no point in building a reproduction table, but, if you have an antique table with a missing leg, it is perfectly sensible to make a repro leg.

as for sam stephenson, the cb is great and the dublin ias building is kind of cool and, quite well layed out for its purpose, but sadly it was built so so cheaply, also it isn’t big enough for the whole ias, on the school of theoretical physics is there with celtic studies next door and cosmic physics on merrion sq so i guess they will move eventually and then i don’t know what will happen to it. that mews with the conversation pit is fantastic, i had some important work visitors we put up there once and it was such fun talking to them there, you felt like you were in the sixties.

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