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It is interesting to read what Frank McDonald said in that article from February 15th of 2002 with regards to the Georgian Mile, when on February 16th he had the following to say about Collins Barracks;

Irish Times: February 16 2002: A facade too far

“Fundamental questions about architectural integrity are raised by the OPW’s decision to take a ‘facadist’ approach to the next phase of the National Museum at Collins Barracks. If one of the fine Georgian houses on Merrion Square were to be destroyed by fire next week, nobody could argue that it should be replaced by a contemporary building. The only acceptable solution from a conservation viewpoint would be a faithful reconstruction, both inside and out.But in the case of Collins Barracks, the issue is not quite so clear-cut. Built in the first decade of the 18th century as the Royal Barracks, it was laid out around three squares, only one of which – Clarke Square – survives intact. The buildings that formed its central square were demolished in the 1890s.”

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