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Your right, Dublin traffic is a nightmare. Obviously, the provision of reliable and comfortable public transport will help to mitigate the problem, and better provision for cyclists is a must.

Another, complimentary way to attack the problem is to reduce the need to travel. If you look at trends in the UK and US, you see single-use zoning is on the increase. That
is, separate areas are set aside for living, offices, shops, entertainment, Cineplexes, etc., making a car indispensable.

Things haven’t got this bad in Ireland yet, although traffic around shopping centres like Cornell’s Court and Stillorgan is very heavy.

Ideally, an effective urban environment will reduce the travel imperative, by placing amenities near to the consumer, rather than making the consumer come to them (which, after all, is for whose benefit?).

What I was suggesting, and I think Archeire is the best platform for this, is to construct a plan that takes all these factors, and others, into consideration. This should show the public and authorities what could be done. Too many times I have heard negative reactions to the call for
higher housing densities, possible due to badly executed projects in the past.

– Roy

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