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It is great that at last efforts are being made to save the house. I also managed to visit the house last august while travelling around Europe.My reaction on visiting the house was one of utter disbelief. It felt so surreal to be walking around the decaying remains of a house that had looked so beautiful and pristine in original photographs of it.

The place was a mess with most of the windows smashed.The little entrance piece – where you hang your coat was smashed up and lying in bits on the floor, the wooden louvres were either smashed or were very rotten.The kitchen was so appalling I could not bring myself to photograph it although I did manage to take slides of most of the house.

However one could still just get a sense of the spirit of the designer such as when I entered the guest bedroom. The main wardrobe still remains, although slightly altered. I opened the wardrobe and much to my surprise the glass shelves were still there. It was such a joy to open, that wardrobe, the door opened out and was hinged at the centre. And then there were the built in presses in the stairs, especially the one with the constructivist motifs on the outside, how one opened it only to find another set of doors to open. And then there was the view.

Oh it would be such a great pity if nobody else were able to experience this, really it would.

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