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I’ll tell you why Dublin is so big for the poulation..

There’s a vast amount of land in Dublin owned by speculators – they won’t sell it until the price is right, one of the reasons why houses and apartments are now unaffordable to most sane people and the main reason why the countryside is being destroyed by greedy developers; building revolting housing estates so Dublin workers have somewhere to sleep between life in the office and travelling to and from the office.

Ballymore Eustace in Kildare – a village of 800 people. They’ve given permission for over 400 new houses. Blessington – from the main road back to Glending Forest – they’re filling up 270 acres with houses.

This isn’t to cater for local needs but to make developers rich.

Anyway – I’ve strayed slightly. What Dublin needs is compulsory purchase orders on empty lots in and around the city NOT revolting crappy high rises and certainly not to demolish what few decent quality building that are left.

Who owns all this land anyway? Probably a load of CJH types, sucking the blood out of the rest of us. Making people drive two hours to work everyday blah blah rant … rant …

I’ve finished.


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