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Per Corell

3D modeling can be used for putting your visions on display or to produce N.C. codes to acturly produce the building blocks.
If your concern are the real thing please visit this site that show a new building method that make you form any structure as a thick mesh of intergratet frames ,where each frame support any other ;

Please check the “photos” folder and the links at the end of the text at this site, —- this will not disapoint you.

Still we had P.C.’s for less than 20 years ,and the methods you use in most CAD programs was acturly develobed long before computers was inventet. The method you se at the link ,is not any of these methods but develobed to make you build any structure at one third the cost ,four times as strong and with only halve the trouble assembling. Beside it is a new universam building method with countless applications , please check the links.

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