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😮 CCC announced formally today (31st December 2004) along w/ Enterprise Ireland and Howard Holdings, the long-awaited ‘Webworks’ development for Albert House (along Albert Quay – now known as Terence McSwiney Quay). The development is designed by Scott Tallon Walker, will be developed by Howard Holdings and constructed by PJ Hegarty Contractors.

Quite frankly, I’m a little bit disappointed with the design – it could have been far more radical and utilised the quayside far more effectively and…actually, it could have used the quayside full stop! The circa. 55,000sq ft, 4 storey (5-storey apex) over 62 car-parking space basement development is to be built to the rear of Albert House (on site of former Railway Station platform area) and connects with Albert House – which will see its ground floor area converted to restaurant use, and upper floors for office use. Access will be provide to the Webworks from Eglinton Street and a new road planned as part of the Eglinton Street development by O’Flynn Construction between Eglinton Street and Albert Road.

The development will be open to submission until Feb 16th 2005 – will then go for council vote (which will almost certainly pass) and is planned to have a crane over the site for April 2005.

😀 After receiving a copy of the EIS for O’Flynn Construction’s Eglinton Street project (as part of their project resubmission – see previous post) – I have to say, if I liked the project before, I REALLY like the project now. Inspecting the various visual aspects of the project in better detail than basic design images I was afforded earlier on in the year, I have to say, the project says ‘WATCH OUT DOCKLANDS!!!’ with a bang. It provides a magnificient entry point into an area undergoing rapid current and future development. The VIS doesn’t incl. outlines for the Albert Quay projects and City Hall development – but when pictured in your head, you can imagine how fabulous the development will be. It utilises copper, sandstone and glass heavily, but blends just well. Yes it is tall, yes it is dramatic – but is a REAL city’s project and I think it’s high time Cork flaired a little pride and confidence in its morale and aesthetics. It’s a leap, but it’s a mature one and it’s something I hope is embraced.

All going well, I’ll have an exclusive (for want of a better word) Lapps Quay & South Mall perspective image of the development – which includes City Hall – for next Tues or Wednesday.

🙁 And sorry to butt in this downer – but Charles & Helen McCarthy’s hotel development planned at Crosses Green on the site of their former Mill Business Centre, for want of better phrasing, is shockingly awful. It’s another Derek Tynan-makes-me-want-to-cry (the bad kind!) architectural catastrophe. Why is Mr. Tynan spreading an architectural disease over our city??? The design is quite literally a 7-storey brick (Victoria Mills: The Sequel) in an area surrounded by 2 and 3-storey small houses, cottages and the Dean’s Hall complex. Sure I like the boardwalk element and I like the fact that it’s a development in an area that could use it – with beautiful water frontage – but NOT THIS development. The 7-storeys could be quite passable and in fact, complimentary had any effort, thought and/ore imagination gone into the design. A truly hideous project. I would wholly support this project, even at that height, if it had any form of half-decent design to it.

🙂 I couldn’t end the final day of 2004 with that depressing note – so here are some things to keep an eye on for 2005 ->

1. A planned project (next to the Albert House Webworks) for Albert Quay
2. A vertical extension at the Deloitte & Touche offices on Lapps Quay (a glass frame enclosing the existing PS and floor provision above)
3. A resubmission of the Water Street project
4. Another major office development in the docklands confines.
5. Movement on Horgan’s Quay (so the CCC claim)
6. Plus a number of other exciting large scale developments YET to be announced – but I will soon, I promise!


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