1922 – Starland Theatre, Main St., Winnipeg

Architect: George Macpherson



The original Starland Theatre operated on Main Street from 1911, and was designed by Alexander and W.N. Melville. It featured a lavish interior with elaborate decorations and seated about 800 patrons. Replaced by a new theatre – this three-storey fireproof building was designed by George Macpherson. The facility’s relatively simple exterior of brick and masonry disguised a lavish interior. The auditorium had seating for 1,200 and the whole building was completed and furnished at a cost of $500,000. Operated as a theatre until late 1965, after which the building was used as retail space. Following a large fire in 1967, occupants of the Starland were the Starland Department Store, Starland Flea Market, and a soup kitchen. Demolished in 2008.