1873 – Unselected design for Examination Schools, Oxford

Architect: Thomas Newenham Deane



Thomas Newenham Deane won two invited competitions to design a new Examination School in Oxford yet neither building was constructed.

“The handsome design for the new examination schools, which we illustrate this week, was submitted by Mr. T.N. Deane, R.H.A. , in a limited competition with those of Mr. A.W. Blomfield and Mr. J.O. Scott.

In The Architect of May 31 we glanced at the history of this competition, which is a striking instance of the disappointments that architects, beyond all men, are likely to undergo in the course of their professional careers, and even when dealing with a body in whom confidence might naturally be placed. It is well known that at first there was a competition for these schools between Mr. Street and Mr. Deane, and that the latter was successful, his plans being selected by the Committee, but rejected by Convocation; that afterwards new designs were sought, and that Mr. Street, with genuine esprit de corps, declined to take part in the competition, because he considered that the work belonged in justice to Mr. Deane, and that Mr. Waterhouse was induced to take the same view, so that the competition in the end was confined to those gentlemen whose names are first mentioned above; and, finally, that the result of this second competition was as little satisfactory as the former. From what we hear the remuneration was wholly inadequate to the trouble given, and the design which we now publish, and that of Mr. Blomfield have been seen but by few members of the University .” The Architect, August 2 1873.

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