1837 – Clontarf Castle, Clontarf, Co. Dublin,

Architect: William Vitruvius Morrison




Remodeled between 1836-37 by William Vitruvius Morrison, an old castle recreated in the styles of various periods for John Edward Venables Vernon. There has been a castle on the site since 1172. In modern times since the 1960s, it has functioned as a bar, cabaret venue, and hotel. It has operated as a four-star, 111-room hotel since 1997 but has been significantly enlarged by the addition of modern wings.

A painting by J.M.W. Turner shows the castle before the additions commissioned by Vernon from the architect William Vitruvius Morrison in 1836-7. It is his only work of an Irish view, and as he never visited, it clearly must be based on the work of some other artist, possibly that of Maria Sophia Fawkes (originally a Vernon) who was a talented amateur artist and that this was painted by Turner as a reminder of her childhood home.