1894 – St Michael’s Church, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin

Architect: J.J. McCarthy / John L. Robinson / George L. O’Connor / Ashlin & Coleman



Originally a much smaller church on this site was enlarged during the early 1830s. Later, during 1865-1879, Monsignor Edward McCabe (later to become Cardinal Archbishop of Dublin), was responsible for the further enlargement of the church and for its restructuring in a Gothic style, adding aisles to the nave with clerestories, and the fine façade. This stage of the development was by J.J. McCarthy who died in 1882.

Work was to continue between 1885-1902 under the architect John L. Robinson with further renovations and interior decoration. Transept, chancel, and chancel apse carried out 1893-95 but largely according to McCarthy’s earlier plans. Later finished by George L. O’Connor after the death of Robinson. At this point the Church was completed with the addition of the fine 200 feet tower and spire.

The interior had much elaborate decoration with a large marble reredos behind the altar and stained glass by Harry Clarke Studios. The internal decoration was down to Ashlin & Coleman who commisioned Early & Co for much of the work between 1907 and 1914.

In 1968 this fine Gothic church burned down, and was later rebuilt in a modern style. Only the tower and spire remain to this day as one of the landmarks of the town.