1963 – Cannock’s Department Store, Limerick

Architect: John C. Thompson



Cannock’s department store was a mecca for Limerick shoppers until its sad decline and closure in the 1980s. Originally a Victorian department store, it was extensively rebuilt between 1961 and 1963, re-opening May 1st 1963. The 1960s character is also now lost as it was refaced in brick in the 1980s after the building was sold.

Throughout the 1960’s the company resisted a number of take-over bids by property companies and other retail chains. In 1972, the firm of Winston’s succeeded in gaining a controlling share of the company and immediately the property at Sarsfield Street housing the furniture department was sold. By 1980, it was decided that Cannock’s was not profitable, and the O’Connell Street premises was sold to Pennys for £950,000. The company continued to trade in Winston’s premises in William Street, before finally going into liquidation in 1984.

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