Diageo to develop urban quarter at St. James’s Gate


Diageo ha announced plans to transform 12.6 acres at its St. James’s Gate site to create a new urban quarter at the heart of Dublin’s Liberties area. Following significant investment since 2011 at St. James’s Gate and advances in technology, Diageo can now brew more beer with less space and is aiming to transform 12.6 acres of its nearly 50 acre site, in a venture that will embrace new and old, to create a mixed-use development called the St. James’s Gate Quarter.

Working closely with planning and architectural experts, Diageo has developed a vision, underpinned by both the Dublin City Development Plan and the Liberties Local Area Plan. The plan aims to open up the site, using new and existing buildings to create a dynamic mixed-use urban quarter that will include residential, office and commercial space. The new quarter will be opened up with public spaces and streets and will be fully integrated into the wider Liberties area.

In the first step of what will be a long term project, Diageo is embarking on a search for a world class development partner who can help to deliver this transformative vision. Given the ambition and size of the project, the development will be phased over a lengthy period, with detailed plans being developed once a partner is in place. Diageo plans to retain ownership and custodianship of a number of key buildings in the quarter, including the iconic gate itself and Arthur Guinness’s residence.

Diageo will run a series of consultation sessions in the Open Gate Brewery. Diageo will engage with a wide range of interests and expert views on how the St. James’s Gate Quarter can be best developed and how it will contribute to the wider regeneration of the Liberties.