2006 – Design for Offices, City Quay, Dublin

Architect: Ian Ritchie Architects



The site for the project is located on the south bank of the Liffey Quays in Dublin’s Docklands. Bounded by City Quay, Princes Street South and Gloucester Street South, the northern quayside portion of the site falls within an archaeological zone. To the west is a group of protected structures: City Quay Church, Presbytery including associated gates, piers and railings.

According to the architects: “The site is zoned to allow a tall building to be considered, the design of which would be developed as part of a framework plan for the area. The brief is to provide approximately 20,000sq m gross of high quality offices with car parking and associated facilities. Pedestrian access is via a ground floor entry lobby which may also contain exhibition space, meeting rooms and café facilities.”

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