1879 – Houses, Malone Road, Belfast

Architect: William Batt


Described in The Irish Builder: “One is a single house, and the other, having windows in the gable, is a a double one, but owing to the original way the elevation has been treated by the projections in front, they look like a pair of single houses. The outside is faced with best perforated brick, having Staffordshire blue ones used where shown. The columns at sides of hall doors are Bessbrook polished granite, having moulded bases and richly-carved caps of freestone. The front sashes are all glazed wit best plateglass, hung with copper chain, and the interior woodwork throughout is picked pitch pine stained and varnished and as the houses stand high above main road, they have a very prominent position. The work has been executed in a satisfactory manner, from the designs and under the superintendence of the architect, Mr. William Batt, jun., by the contractors Messrs. J. & R. Thompson of Ballymacarrott.”

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