1921 – State Theatre, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Architect: J.E.O. Pridmore



When the State Theatre opened in 1921, it was considered the most technologically advanced and elaborate theatre in the United States. It was designed by Chicago architect J.E.O. Pridmore in a free Italian Renaissance style and boasted the first well-driven air conditioning system in Minneapolis. The original stage floor was glass, lit from underneath to create stunning visual effects. The State’s neon marquee was installed in the 1940s and runs the entire width of the theatre. Between 1921 and 1978, the theareewas used primarily as a movie house, but also hosted vaudeville acts, concerts and ballet. From 1978 to 1989, the building was used by a church. The historic exterior State Theater signage was removed and church signage was installed. Interior alterations were also made during the church usage. The theatre was restored and reopened in 1991.