1861 – Zion Church & School, Rathgar, Co. Dublin

Architect: Joseph Welland & Son

“This church, which has been for some time completed, was this day opened for Divine service. It is situated on the road leading from the main Rathgar-road to the Dodder, and is a conspicuous feature. The plan is cruciform, and the style of architecture Mediaeval Gothic, after designs by the late Mr. Welland, the then architect to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners of Ireland. This body, however, did not extend their usual auspices to this church, the funds for erection—some £10,000—having been provided by bequest of the late John Gold, Esq., an eminent stockbroker in this city. Limestone is employed in the construction of the building generally, but Caen stone is used for the dressings and decorative portions. The interior, which will accommodate about 850 persons, has fittings of stained deal, and an open timber roof stained and varnished. The tower, with its pyramidal tiled roof, contributes much to the general effect of the building. Preparations are making for heating the building by means of hot water. Messrs. Cockburn and Son were the builders.” The Irish Builder, November 1 1861.

“These buildings, recently completed, in the rising and populous district of Rathgar, from funds bequeathed by the late John Gold, is one of the best specimens of ecclesiastical architecture as yet reared in our city or suburbs, and forms the object of illustration in the present number. The church – which accommodates 860 persons, and is capable, by the addition of transept galleries hereafter of accommodating 1,000 – comprises nave, 100 feet by 33 feet; chancel, 22 feet 8 inches by 23 feet; transepts, each 29 feet by 22 feet 6 inches; south aisle and organ room, with tower at north-east angle, containing the robing-room, 18 feet 6 inches square at base and rising to a height of 115 feet, capped with a high pitched roof, tiled in black and red. There is a western gallery, approached by stone stairs at south-west angle if nave. The roof and fittings are of open timber, stained and varnished. The school building, which in material and style harmonises with the church contains two school rooms, each 40 feet by 20 feet, with open roofs, also class rooms, residence for mater, etc., etc. The materials employed throughout are calp and granite for the rubble walling, Portland for the extension cut-stone dressings, quoins, etc., and Caen stone for the internal columns, arches, etc. The designs for these works were made by Messrs. Joseph Welland & Son, and contracted for, at £9,600 by Messrs. Cockburn & Sons, who brought them to completion in the usual excellent style of that eminent firm, under the immediate and efficient supervision of Mr. McAllister, inspector of Church Works to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners.” Published in The Irish Builder, July 1 1862.

A design by W. Raffles Brown was also published in The Builder, 2 July 1859.