Drawn Monaghan 2014 – architectural season of events


Buildings are thought, drawn and made. Some evolve gradually over time and others arrive with great flourish and prominence. Monaghan boasts a variety of quality buildings, ranging from quiet understated farmhouses, byres and barns to large country houses with fine architectural detailing. Churches too form an important part of this heritage, and are strongly associated with a community sense of identity and are often the only built feature glimpsed between the Monaghan hills. Think too of the railway bridges and stations, once bustling with activity and steam, which are dotted around the landscape complementing the remnants of the linen industry’s mills.

This series of architectural talks and events for 2014 celebrates Monaghan’s architectural and built heritage. These events are part of the implementation of the County Monaghan Heritage Plan, and are jointly funded by Monaghan County Council and the Heritage Council.


13 MARCH 2014 – Significant buildings of County Monaghan – Kevin V. Mulligan
20 MARCH 2014 – Tudor Revival Houses – Myles Campbell
3 APRIL 2014 – Young and Makenzie architects – Dr. Paul Harron
10 APRIL 2014 – Iron buildings in Monaghan and elsewhere – Barry O’Reilly
10 MAY 2014 – Care and maintenance of historic houses
26 AUGUST 2014 – Some Irish Houses and Demesnes – Robert O’Byrne
28 AUGUST 2014 – Gatelodges of County Monaghan – J.A.K (Dixie) Dean
11 SEPTEMBER 2014 – TOUR with the Irish Historic House Association Historic House guided tour Led by Kevin V. Mulligan

Full details can be downloaded here