1902 – Design for Masonic Hall, Aldershot, Hampshire

Architect: Coggin & Wallis


Completed in 1902, and no longer in use as a Masonic Hall. Listed Grade II.

“This design was chosen from sixteen sets of plans in the recent competition. Mr. Sachs was the professional assessor. On either side of the main entrance, which is central, are two offices for club purposes, or which can be let if found financially necessary. This entrance leads to a spacious hall, which is provided with lavatories for ladies and gentlemen. On the right is the candidates’ preparation room, with store adjoining for Masonic furniture, and Tyler s lobby leading into the Masonic temple. On the left is a corresponding lobby leading into the large dining-room, with service-room adjoining, which communicates by lift and staircase with wine-cellars in basement, club service-room on first floor, and kitchen on second floor. An entrance is provided at the side of building to inner ball, to enable the dining-room and adjacent rooms to be let for balls, dinners, &c., without in any way interfering with the Masonic club on first floor. The club is approached by a staircase in vestibule, and is kept distinct from other parts of buildings by double doors at entrance to inner hall. It contains large hall with service-room and refreshmentbar, cloak-room, lav.atory, large reading-room, card-room, and billiard-room to contain two full-sized tables. The kitchen and scullery, as also the caretaker’s apartments and stores, are placed on the second floor. The architects are Messrs. Clarence T. Coggin, and Thomas Wallis, of York Buildings, Adelphi, W.1 .” Published in The Building News, September 29, 1899.

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