1878 – Studios, ‘Charlecote’, Hampstead, London

Architect: Batterbury & Huxton



The illustration shows a studio and chambers lately erected for C. Green, Esq. The whole of the elevations are faced with red bricks, the porch and the front windows are of cut and rubbed brickwork, the cornices and pediments being of red terra cotta. The studio on the upper floor is 18ft. high, and is warmed by an
open fireplace and a German stove obtained from Nuremburg. The works were carried out by Messrs. Manley and Rogers, of St. George’s-road, Regent’s-park, the foreman of works being Mr. G. Dickins. The architects were Messrs. Batterbury, and Huxley, of 25, Great James- street, Bedford-row, W.C.” The Building News, July 26, 1878.

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