Describing Architecture 2013 Call for Submissions

Describing Architecture is an annual exhibition exploring architectural representation and its role in designing and creating built space. Representation is integral to the architectural design process, yet rarely discussed or exhibited outside of the architectural profession. The exhibition seeks to give visitors an insight into the practice of architecture, and the practice of artists that consider the built environment.

This year, the theme for the exhibition is ‘Work in Process’. We are asking participants to consider the process involved in commissioning, designing, constructing, inhabiting, adapting and interpreting built space. At the core of the theme is the idea that every building is a work in process.

Modes of representation are used to develop, envisage and communicate built spaces through the design and construction stages, and different iterations develop in the mind, on the page, on the screen or through study models. Once complete, the building is further taken over and acted upon by its owners, users, even the weather and its surroundings, sometimes at a rate invisible to the naked eye. These changes are recorded by its inhabitants and people who visit, the building is interpreted and re-interpreted, with its position constantly evolving in the minds of those who use it.

Submissions are invited in any medium or scale. The exhibition provides a platform for innovative and creative pieces of work across a wide range of media – drawing, photography, model, film and audio. We are interested to see work that is in the process of being made, different iterations of the same project or idea, or work that explores or reflects upon built space. Due to the scale of the space, there are also opportunities to support the inclusion of large format work.