1920 – Estate of Cottages, Metchet Court, Hampshire

Architect: Deane & Braddell


The Building News, August 27 1920:” This village hall and eight cottages are designed for the Melchet Court Estate. The plan of the hall is designed to allow of a large main room in which cinema entertainments, concerts and theatricaLs, etc., can be given. A men’s clubroom lies on one side, while a kitchen and armoury for Girl Guides occupies the other. Cooking classes for the children of the estate are to be given in the kitchen, which is mainly intended for that purpose. The Girl Guide movement is strongly encouraged, and the hall is to be used as their drill ground and headquarters, as well as for entertainment purposes. The materials will be as follows: Walls of concrete blocks made on the estate ; roofs, green slates. The internal treatment of the entertainment hall comprises an open timber roof, the rafters of which will bee painted and gaily patterned. The drawing given here with was at the Royal Academy this summer. Messrs. Deane and Braddell, of Old Quebec Street, Marble Arch. W.l, are tho architects.”

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