1876 – St John Chrysostom’s Church, Victoria Park, Manchester

Architect: George T. Redmayne


The building is in the early English style, and was built to the design of George T. Redmayne, who also designed the College of Art in Cavendish Street, Manchester, and Dalton Hall, next door to St Chrysostoms. Constructed between 1874 and 1876 at a cost of £13,000. After a disastrous fire of 1904 the rebuilding, under the guidance of the architect John Ely, was done to Redmayne’s original plans, with only some small variations. The building is a Grade II listed building.

From The Building News: “This church, as shown in annexed illustration, is designed to be executed in Darley Dale stone for dressings, and Yorkshire walling stone ill random courses externally. Internally, the piers, arches, and other dressings will be of Hollington stone, and the walls faced with stock bricks. The ceiling will be in the form of a polygonal barrel, divided into panels between the semicircular ribs of roof trusses. Above the ceiling an airway is arranged for the ventilation of the building at night. This will be accelerated by a gas-stove in a flue in the tower. The building is to be heated with hot air, by Messrs. Haden’s process. Mr. Mark Foggett, builder, of Manchester, has undertaken the work at a total cost of £10,013, from designs by Mr. G. T. Redmayne, architect, Manchester. “

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