1879 – New Shops, Offices & Warehouses, Aldersgate, London

Architect: George Vickery


Published in The Building News, December 26th 1879. “We illustrate this week a block of buildings now in course of erection on a portion of the site of the so-called Shakespeare House on the west side of Aldersgate-street, and nearly facing Jewin-street. The principal materials used in the elevations are red Fareham bricks and Port- land and Bath stone. The mouldings, cornices, window dressings, and dormers, are constructed of stone, and the lower pilasters to the shop fronts in red Mull granite, polished. These buildings being intended for commercial purposes, much pains have been taken to insure abundance of light to all parts, and this has been accomplished without unnecessary loss of valuable floor-space. Special attention has also been given to the sanitary arrangements. It is now proposed to omit the cupola and comer feature in the design, and to carry the building as far as the nearest adjoining houses in Alders- gate-street, leaving an archway as in the old buildings for the entrance to Bowman’s Buildings, upon which the return frontage abuts. The ground-floor will be fitted up as shops, whilst the upper floors will be suitable for either warehouses or offices. The architect is Mr. George Vickery, 3.5, King-street, Cheapside”