1870 – Town Hall, Larne, Co. Antrim

Architect: Alexander Tate

Constructed as a townhall, with museum and public library, this is a fine building in a French Gothic style with a tall four-storey clock tower. Opened in August 1870, and cost around 5,500 pounds. In 2012, the building underwent a £3.1 million interior and exterior facelift.

“On plan the new buildings comprise assembly room, public reading-room, library and museum, board-room, kitchen, and caretaker’s apartments, &c. The assembly-room is 60 feet long by 26 feet wide, having platform and balcony, with kitchen, serving-room, and pantries adjacent, also ladies and gentlemen’s retiring-rooms, &c. The public reading-room is 30 feet by 24 feet, over which is placed the library and museum, same size, having curator’s apartments attached. The tower is 14 feet by 12 feet 6 inches, and rises to a height of 90 feet, terminating with a wrought iron vane. Between the reading-room and assembly-room is placed the principal stair case, leading to the museum and balcony. The architect was Mr. Alexander Tate, C.E., F.R.I.A.I., County Surveyor; Mr. Samuel P. Close, A.R.I.A.I., acting as clerk of the works. Messrs. Stewart and Co., Belfast, were the contractors, who deserve every credit for the manner in which they carried out their contract. The cost of the building was £5,500.” The Irish Builder, September 15 1870.