Scott Tallon Walker records modest profit for 2010

logo_stwProminent Irish architecture firm Scott Tallon Walker made a modest profit in 2010 despite a one-third drop in turnover. With a pretax profit of €211,308 on a turnover of €10.2 million, a dividend of €300,001 was paid compared with the €2.34 million paid to shareholders in 2009. In 2009, the company recorded a pretax profit of €1.26 million on a turnover of €15.5 million. The directors, in their report with the accounts for the 2010 year, said the results were in line with expectations and that the company had performed well in comparison to trends in the sector.

The accounts show that administrative and other costs were reduced to €9.9 million from €14.2 million in 2009. The number of staff involved in administration fell to 86 from 127, while the number of architects employed remained at 15. Staff costs fell to €6.8 million from €9.7 million.