RIAI issue election manifesto – Building a Better Ireland

logo_riaiThe RIAI has issued an election manifesto setting out the RIAI’s detailed proposals to the incoming Government for reforming the construction sector. The RIAI feels that there is a window of opportunity: to learn the lessons of the past, and use the time now available to plan for the future, so that we can make the most of the opportunities for growth and development when the recovery gathers pace – as it will – in the years ahead. As the national body for promotion, regulation and support of architecture, the Royal Institute of Architects in Ireland (RIAI) believes that architecture can be a key part of that process, and that the creativity and problem-solving skills of architects can bring a unique perspective to the debate on paths to recovery.

The RIAI’s core principle is a commitment to promote the importance of architecture in Ireland today: to deliver attractive and sustainable built environments; to enrich our distinctive culture and heritage; to contribute to the competitiveness of our economy; and to improve people’s quality of life, now and in the future.

In summary, the RIAI is looking for the next Government to:

  • Review the National Spatial Strategy to deliver a long-term planning framework, with the goal of delivering social, economic and environmental sustainability in all areas of the built environment.
  • Advance the Government Policy on Architecture’s commitment to place quality and design in architecture at the core of national policy on the built environment, and particularly in State-funded construction projects.
  • Expedite the roll-out of approved public capital projects and bring forward the planning and design of key public capital projects – to maintain employment and generate a pipeline of ‘shovel-ready’ schemes for when the economy recovers.
  • Ensure the registration standards in the Building Control Act 2007 are maintained, and implement improvements to building regulatory procedures to achieve increased levels of compliance and greater consumer protection for the public.
  • Undertake an urgent review of the planning system to effect efficiencies, and achieve the timely delivery of essential infrastructure and built environment investment.
  • Undertake an immediate review of public procurement – to deliver key reforms in the commissioning of architecture and construction design services, reduce the bureaucracy in public tendering, and deliver resource efficiencies for commissioning public bodies.

The RIAI Manifesto can be downloaded here. They’ve also created a handy list of questions for candidates and canvassers to your door.