RIAI Conference ‘Riding out the Storm – Survival, Renewal and Recovery’

logo_riaiThe RIAI has announced its annual conference programme entitled ‘Riding out the Storm – Survival, Renewal and Recovery’ – focused on how architects can adapt to the current crisis, and how the profession and the RIAI can capitalise on the strengths and reputation of Irish architecture to develop strategies for renewal and recovery in the years ahead.

Three international keynote speakers – Edward Jones, Kenneth Frampton and Rafael Moneo – will offer their perspectives; from Jones’s Reflections on ‘Irish Architecture – Identity, Reputation and Values’ to Frampton’s thinking on ‘Critical Regionalism Revisited – World Architecture and Liquid Modernity’, and Moneo’s overview on ‘The Remains of Architecture – what will remain of what we call architecture in years to come’.

The 2009 RIAI strategic review explored how architects might address the challenges of today’s crisis. One outcome of the process was the conviction that while architects are currently in a very difficult place, we are positive in our determination to contribute to the wider debate about paths to national recovery, and how architecture might develop positive initiatives for the future. There was a consensus that less work should not mean fewer ideas, but rather the opposite; the current recession offers a time for reflection on both the successes and failures of the past, and the resulting Action Plan 2010-13 sets out 11 key policy objectives for survival, renewal and recovery, not only of the profession but of Ireland as a whole.

Full Information available at the RIAI online here.