Students with designs on our future

With nearly half of the the country’s architects either out of a job or underemployed, now might not seem the ideal time to sign up for a degree in architecture. However, the lastest crop of students to enrol are hoping that, by the time they graduate, the economy will be back on its feet and the construction industry back in business. Five first-year students telll Emma Cullinan of The Irish Times why they’ve signed up for architecture school, and how their ideas could shape the way we live tomorrow

Rebecca I’ve always been interested in it. I grew up in Dubai – I’ve been in Ireland for about five years – and I saw the Burj al Arab going up, the building in the sea. I lived across from Palm Island. The skyline here is completely different. In Dubai, you have desert and then all of a sudden you hit the city with all these buildings, then you get desert again and then more buildings. I grew up with a love of buildings. When people asked what I wanted to do, I always said architecture – and then I decided that I wanted so badly to do it, more than anything, that I would be willing to repeat if I didn’t get in.

The Irish Times