St. James’ Graveyard Public Consultation


Dublin City Council have commissioned a feasibility study for St. James’s Graveyard, James’s St. Dublin 8 to look at the graveyard as an accessible public amenity/ historical resource set in the context of the wider Liberties area. The study team are interested in the opinions of any interested parties who may have a view on the future of the graveyard.

There is considerable historical, archaeological and ecological value already embedded within this site. It is a genealogical resource with emotional and spiritual connections to the descendants and communities who have links with those interred there.

In this feasibility study, we will endeavour to make suggestions as to how the space may be used, respectful of the heritage, yet attracting visitors and the public. To best achieve this we would value the inputs of the wider community, individuals, institutions and societies.

We would therefore invite any interested parties to a public consultation to be held on Tuesday 24th of August, 6:30 – 8:30 at St. James’s Parish Parochial Hall, James’s St. Dublin 8. Any inquiries should be directed to