Shore Tilbe Irwin & Partners merge with Perkins+Will

Shore Tilbe Irwin & Partners has announced a strategic merger with the global architecture and design practice Perkins+Will. Perkins+Will currently operate studios throughout North America Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Shore Tilbe Irwin & Partners is the latest addition to this dynamic federation of design practices, becoming the second Canadian office and the first in Eastern Canada. The firm’s new name is Shore Tilbe Perkins+Will

The merger marks a joining of two firms with complementary strengths, values and social ethics, and a common design culture. Shore Tilbe Irwin offers Perkins+Will their rich and diverse portfolio of project types, in particular, their expertise in sports and recreation architecture. The Toronto office will provide a valuable new resource and will be instrumental in developing a new market sector for sports and recreation facilities across the Perkins+Will broad geographic range. Perkins+Will will bring its great depth of expertise in health, science, education and corporate architecture to the new Shore Tilbe Perkins+Will practice in Toronto and the Canadian marketplace.

This merger will open the door to an international platform of design, technical expertise, and management skills. The Toronto studio will gain access to leading design commissions throughout the world in new market sectors and at a new scale.

Shore Tilbe Irwin and Perkins+Will share a common philosophy of design and practice. They are passionate about their clients’ business goals and missions and see their work as a means to achieving these goals. They are process-oriented and consider design to be a process of investigation, innovation and problem-solving that results in unique solutions. They believe in a collaborative design culture to achieve excellence. They care deeply about social and environmental concerns and believe in the transformative power of design in these contexts.

“This merger represents a pooling of expertise, which will allow two extremely talented design firms to service our existing and future clients with high quality, innovative and sustainable architecture and interior design,” commented D’Arcy Arthurs, Managing Director of the Toronto studio.

“One of Perkins+Will’s great strengths is its approach to a federation of diverse studios, each strongly rooted in its community,” says Andrew Frontini, Design Director of the Toronto studio. With the organizational and technical support of the larger organization, Shore Tilbe Perkins+Will will continue to operate out of its studio in downtown Toronto at 672 Dupont Street, Suite 500. Their practice will continue to flourish based on the individual relationships that they have forged with their clients, consultants, suppliers and builders.