Open House Dublin Detate: Does Size Matter?

Open House Dublin Detate: Does Size Matter?On Thursday 7 October at the Aviva Stadium, broadcaster and historian John Bowman will chair The Irish Times Open Debate, the popular opening event of Open House Dublin (7 to 10 October 2010), to ask “Does Size Matter?” In line with the Open House Dublin theme this year – Big, Small, Global – a local and international panel from architecture, literature and journalism will discuss scale: the physical, economical and psychological effect of architecture on the city and on the people who live in it.

The panel includes Liza Fior (of muf architecture/art), Sean Love (Executive Director of Fighting Words, a creative writing centre established with Roddy Doyle), Frank McDonald (Irish Times Environment Editor and writer), architect Shih-Fu Peng (of Heneghan-Peng Architects) and urban planning expert Pauline Byrne (Treasury Holdings). The discussion will include the impact that designed places, either big or small, have on our sense of self, on our quality of life and how we perceive Dublin’s relationship to the rest of the world.

OPEN DEBATE takes place at 7pm (doors open at 6.30pm) on Thursday 7 October at the Aviva Stadium, (Havelock Area), Dublin 4.
Directions: Enter via Aviva Stadium reception at the Lansdowne Road entrance.
You must book to attend Open Debate at or 01 6165220.
Admission is FREE.