New Dublin city draft plan puts a halt to rezoning of land for housing

No new lands will be rezoned for housing in Dublin city until after 2017, under the new draft city development plan which has been released for public consultation. Assistant city manager Michael Stubbs said there was already sufficient residentially zoned land to meet demand and that some land which had been zoned residential under the last development plan would be rezoned for other uses.

Undeveloped land which had been zoned solely for housing is now being considered for a newly created zoning “Z10A”. This zoning would be similar to the existing Z10 zoning which allows for mixed use development of residential, commercial and retail in urban centres, but would have lower densities. The new zoning would be suitable for suburban land previously zoned only for housing, Mr Stubbs said. “Introducing this new outer suburban zoning will strengthen the development of communities by allowing a variety of uses instead of mono use.”

The Irish Times