New blow to Liberty Hall skyscraper


City planners have demanded that Siptu justify why they want to demolish Liberty Hall in favour of a taller skyscraper. In a fresh blow to plans to knock down the famous city tower, authorities say that concerns raised by the Department of the Environment will have to be addressed. The department had said Siptu’s proposal for the building could jeopardise Dublin’s designation as a World Heritage Site. It added Liberty Hall “may be of special interest”.

In a request for additional information, Dublin City Council has asked for “a more detailed and comprehensive analysis of the architectural heritage and contribution” of the Eden Quay skyscraper. The building is the subject of a planning application by Siptu which, if granted, will see it demolished and replaced by a taller building. Making an observation to the council, the Environment Department said it was “concerned” about the height of the proposed new building.

The Evening Herald