1996 – Irish Photographic Archives, Meetinghouse Square, Dublin

Architect: O’Donnell & Tuomey



The Irish Photography Centre contains three main elements – the Dublin Institute of Photography, the National Photographic Archives and the Gallery of Photography. All are sited in two buildings in Meetinghouse Square.

Across the square from the Gallery of Photography is a multi-use building containing the Irish Photographic Archives and the DIT School of Photography as well as an exhibition space at ground level. The building is clad in brick with lead clad projections. At ground level the entrance is marked by a massive shallow arch which both emphasises the entrance and suggests the solidity of the building.

The archives are contained in a special temperature controlled basement while the School occupies the upper stories which have a fine view of the city. Access to the school premises is around the corner from Meetinghouse Square.

During the summer a projection room in the building is utilised with a removable screen set into the Gallery of Photography to turn Meetinghouse Square into an outdoor cinema. In conjunction with the stage set into the rere of The Ark, this allows Meetinghouse Square to become an outdoor concert hall / cinema during the summer and to bring some street life to the area.