1973 – Former Fingal County Council, O’Connell Street, Dublin

Architect: Arthur Swift & Partners


Truly horrendous L-shaped building that replaced several good 19th century houses and a commercial building by William G. Murray. Slated for demolition itself after barely forty years. The concrete prescast panels may be “crisply detailed” but are clumsily designed and lack any sort of joy in their repetition.

On 1 January 1994, under the Local Government (Dublin) Act 1993, Dublin County Council ceased to exist and Fingal County Council came into being for the northern part of the previous council’s territory. The county council initially met at the former offices of the abolished Dublin County Council, this office block at 46–49 O’Connell Street, Dublin, until their new building, known as County Hall, located on Main Street in Swords, was completed in 2000.

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