1898 – Small Country House, Whitton, London

Architect: Cobb & Bottrill


“Tins is one of a number of houses which have been designed for the above estate, which was formerly the property of the Duke of Argyll, and where he resided. The site is a very fine one, and has some unique advantages. The architects are Messrs. Cobb and Bottrill. The mansion, which stands almost in the centre of the estate (of about 100 acres in extent), is surrounded by beautiful fine old cedar trees, and will be left intact, together with about twenty or thirty acres of the land adjoining. It is now a clubhouse, and cricket and tennis grounds are being formed so that the residents will have these recreation grounds close at hand. All the houses are to differ in plan.” Front & Side Elevations including ground & 1st floor plans published in The Building News, July 1st 1898.