1887 – Parish Buildings, St. Giles’s, Oxford

Architect: H. Wilkinson Moore


In June 1860, the college sold some land in lots for building along the west side of the Woodstock Road, but in the next month the first real step was taken to establish what came to be known as Victorian North Oxford. Architect and builder William Wilkinson, at the invitation of St John’s College, took over the planning and development of the College property for houses for the expanding population of the city and produced a master plan for the layout of the Norham Manor Estate. By the end of the 1870’s most of the land between the River Thames on the west of the city and the River Cherwell was either built upon or subject to plans and proposals. In this work he was associated with his nephews, Harry Wilkinson Moore, who designed the parish buildings of St Giles’ during 1887-1891. Illustration published in The Building News, November 4th 1887.

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