1881 – Little Park House, Chiswick, London

Architect: C.M. Stedman


Designed for R. Lathbury esq. and published in The Building News, October 14th 1881. “The site of this house is the south-west angle of the fine old garden of Park House, Chiswick, and has a frontage on the south to a second-rate street. This explains the model of the plan arrangement. The small windows of the principal rooms facing the street are to be filled with lead glazing, so as to secure sunlight without outlook. The walls are of stock bricks with red Freham quoins and dressings. The decorative brickwork are mainly formed of Mr. James Brown’s moulded bricks, thus reducing the cutwork to a minimum. The builders are Messrs. Adamson, of Turhham-green, and the architect, Mr. C.M. Stedman, of 7, Telford-avenue, Streatham-hill.”