Walter H. Brierley (1862-1926)

York architect Walter Henry Brierley practised in the city for 40 years around the turn of the 20th century. He was known as “the Yorkshire Lutyens”. Between 1885 and 1926, Briereley was responsible for over 300 buildings, including schools, churches, houses and civic buildings, in York, North Yorkshire and across the North. Brierley’s legacy includes the Headmaster’s House at the King’s Manor, County Hall Northallerton. In York, he designed the following schools, Park Grove School (1895), Fishergate School (1895), Scarcroft School (1896) generally regarded as his masterpiece, Haxby Road School (1904) and Poppleton Road School (1904). Goddards, on Tadcaster Road, built for the Terry Family in the 1920s, was his last building.

His architectural practice lives on as Brierley Groom, the oldest architectural firm in the UK which has continuously practised since 1750.